BCK-27 Shri Jugatram Dave Ashram Schools Scheme.
There are 88 Ashram Schools functioning in the State accommodating 10,330 students.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Voluntary organizations recognized on grant-in-aid basis are sanctioned Ashram School with 30 students intake in the first year and thereafter gradual increase. The Ashram School becomes fully developed when strength of students reaches 120 numbers.
Pattern of Assistance:
  • Maintenance allowance Rs.1500/- p.m. per student upto 10 months.
  • Pay for 5 teachers (new appointments on the pattern of Vidhya Sahayak and on regular payscale after 5 years) (lumpsum salary of Rs.2500/- to the newly appointed teachers).
  • Pay of non-teaching staff including one Cook, one Assistant Cook and one Kitchen Helper, One Kamathi (in the pay scale of Rs.2550 to 3200).
  • One Kamathi (in the pay scale of Rs.2550 to 3200).
  • Financial assistance for Building construction to the organizations having agricultural land.
  • House rent up to Rs.150/- (up to 36 months)
  • Non-recurring grant for library, to purchase animals, well, water-tank etc.
  • Annual expenditure of one fully developed Ashram School is approximately Rs.12.00 lakhs.
  • For newly appointed Class-IV employees, monthly pay is fixed lumpsum of Rs.1500/-.