BCK-19 Subedar Ramji Ambedkar Scheme of Grant-In-Aid for hostels.
Grant to hostels run by voluntary organizations –
  • At present there are 425 boys and 167 girls hostels, in all, 592 hostels are running.
  • 13152 boys and 5722 girls accommodated (Total 18,874)
  • Annual maintenance of one hostel – Rs.1,99,600/-
Pattern of Assistance:
  • Maintenance grant @ Rs. 1500/- per month per inmate (for 10 months)
  • Grant on pay of Grihpati (Hostel keeper) – Rs. 5500/- to Rs. 6500/-.
  • Rs. 50/- per inmate for Panchayat areas (towards building rent)
  • Rs. 70/- per inmate for Municipal area and Rs. 90/- for Municipal Corporation area.
  • Rs. 3000/- for watchman (towards salary), Rs. 3500/- to cook (towards salary), Rs. 3000/- to Assistant Cook (towards salary).
  • Grant is paid for electrification, sports equipments, library books, newspapers, periodicals etc.
  • The organization which runs three or more such hostels, are being paid 5% administrative grant on the expenditure incurred on approved items.