Merit-cum-Means Scholarship (for Minority Communities)
Eligibility Criteria
  • Muslim, Christian, Shikh, Buddh, Jain and Parsi (Religious minorities)
  • Annual income limit is Rs. 2,50,000/-
  • Online form is filled
  • For professional courses like Medical and Engineering.
Scholarship Rate:-
Courses Hosteller (P.M. Rs.) Day Scholar (P.M. Rs.)
Technical & Professional (Degree Level) Courses Rs. 1,000/- (for 10 months) Rs. 500/- (for 10 months)
Admission Fees and Tuition fees are granted as paid by students or maximum Rs. 20,000/-, Students from LISTED institutes are paid complete fees paid by students.
Financial Provision (Rs. In lakhs)
Caste Provision for 2018-19 Grant Alloted Expenditure Incurred
Minority 25.00 2.30 2.29
Caste Achievements
Minority -