Post SSC Scholarship for boys
Eligibility Criteria
  • Annual income limit is Rs. 47,000/- for rural area
  • Annual income limit is Rs. 68,000/- for urban area
Scholarship Rate:-
(Monthly Rs.)
Course Hosteller Day Scholar
Group-A: Engineering, Medical, B.Sc. 280 125
Group-B: Diploma courses like Engineering, Mechanical, Science and Under Graduate courses 190 125
Group-C: Engg. Medicine, Business and Post Graduate courses 190 125
Group-D: Post Metric courses up to under graduate 175 90
Group:-E: Std. 11,12 and Intermediate classes 115 65
  • Scholarship of amount Rs.65/- up to Rs.280 given to courses of group A to group E
Financial Provision (Rs. In Lakhs)
Caste 2018-19 Provision Grant Allotted Expenditure Incurred
SEBC 800.00 646.55 646.55
NT/DNT 113.00 44.27 44.27
Caste Achievement
SEBC 33,760
NT/DNT 2873