1Pre S.S.C Scholarship (S.E.B.C, E.B.C and Minority)
2Pre S.S.C Scholarship (Nomadic and Denotified Tribes)
3Post SSC Scholarship to Girls
4Concession in Food Bill to students studying in Medical and Engineering
5Financial Assistance to Purchase Medical and Engineering Instruments
6Post SSC Scholarship for boys
7Post SSC Scholarship to SEBC students living in Hostels
8Post SSC Scholarship to the students of Minorities
9Scholarship for Courses of Higher Secondary Std. XI & XII
10Merit-cum-Means Scholarship (for Minority Communities)
11Assistance to students of Nomadic / De-notified Tribes studying in self finance institutes
12Scholarship for Technical and Professional Courses
13Financial Loan for Training of Commercial Pilot
14Uniform Assistance of two Pairs to the Children studying in Std. I to VIII
15Book Bank for students of Medical and Engineering
16Prize Schemes for students top ranks in Std. X and XII Board Examination
17Bi-cycle to girls studying in Std. IX
18Scholarship for Courses of M.Phil and Ph.D.
19Loan for Study Abroad
20Scholarship for Training of IAS and IPS
21Scholarships for Training of IAS and IPS (Stipend scheme)
22Pre SSC Scholarships to Most Backward Class Students Studying in Std. I to X (50% Centrally Sponsore
23Govt. of India’s Pre-matric Scholarship for students of Minority Communities (100% Centrally Sponsor
24Sewing Classes for Women
25Assistance for private tuition to students of standard 11 and 12 science stream.
26Financial assistance to SEBC students for pre-examination training of NIIT, JEE, GUJCET and PMT for
27Assistance to SEBC students of std. 12 science stream for pre-examination coaching of IIM, CEPT, NI
28Talent Pool scheme for Nomadic and Denotified Tribe students.