BCK-35 Financial Assistance for Pre-examination Training Centre and allied professions to the Scheduled Caste students.
Object of this scheme is to set up coaching classes with a view to prepare students of Scheduled Caste and other backward classes and minority for getting admission in technical and professional courses like engineering, medical, agricultural, management, information technology and service related courses run by private and public sector institutes as also to help them for getting appointed in various services of Central and State Governments, public sector undertakings, banks and private organizations by providing special coaching to them.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • The organization must be a Trust, Company, Partnership firm or a society registered under concerned statutes.
  • The organization should have at least 3 years experience of running training courses for which course assistance is solicited under this Scheme.
Qualification for selection as a trainee under this Scheme:
  • The candidate must have obtained, in the entrance test, minimum marks so prescribed for respective course. Selection of student is made on merit basis. Students whose family income is up to Rs.1.00 lakh is eligible to be selected under this Scheme.
Pattern of Assistance:
(1) In cases where institute so selected by the Government of India run the training courses, grant is to be sanctioned to voluntary organizations as prescribed by the Government of India wherein 90% share shall be of Government of India whereas 10% is of State Government.
Data Table Pattern of Assistance
Sr. No. Name of course Duration Lump-sum fee, per student for each course Stipend per student
        Local Out station

Civil Services examination (UPSC), Preliminary and main Combined Defense Services, National Defense Academy and Defense and Allied services (Class-1) or equivalent services (posts in State Government, Union Territories and Public Sector Undertakings and in private sector.

3 to 6 months Rs.8000/- 225/- 700/-

Group-B or equivalent services of Central/State Government, Union Territories, other Public Sector/private sector  services.

3 to 6 months Rs.6000/- 125/- 375/-

Entrance tests for management courses like Engineering/Medical/IT/ Technical/Agriculture/ Management, Special Class Railway Apprentice and other services of Public/Private sector.

3-6 months Rs.6000/- 125/- 375/-
(2) Release of funds : The selected organizations will be paid amounts on the basis of number of students per course as approved on Contract Basis. Non-governmental organizations, Universities and other organizations running such coaching classes shall be paid participation basis as per ratio of 90:10 wherein 90% of the expenditure shall be borne by Government of India and remaining 10% shall be contributed by the concerned State Government/Union Territory Administration. The organizations run by the State Government shall be paid central assistances on 50:50 basis whereas 100% assistance shall be paid to the Union Territories. Grants in this regard shall be released in two equal installments.
This Scheme is made operational since year 2006-2007 by Government of Gujarat Resolution No.PMS/102005/N.I./29/G dated 18-7-2005.