1 BCK-31 Human Guerrilla Plan
2 BCK-32 Dr. P. G. Financial Assistance Scheme for Solanki Lawyers – Stipend
3 BCK-32 A Dr. P. G. Solanki MS Financial Assistance / Assistance Scheme for starting NursingHome / Medical Hospital
4 BCK-32b Dr. P. G. Solanki, loan assistance scheme for law graduates to start an independent business of advocacy
5 BCK-32 c Loan assistance scheme for MBBS, BHAM, BAAMS, BDS (Dental) and Homeopathic Doctor to start an independent business for SC graduate medical graduates
6 BCK-33 Sewing centers for women
7 BCK-34 To start and operate training co-production centers
8 BCK-35 Assistance for pre-examination training centers and affiliated business for scheduled caste students
9 BCK-35 A Vocational course training scheme for scheduled caste youth / girls
10 BCK-36 Financial aid for computer training for Scheduled Caste students
11 BCK-36 A Scheduled Caste graduate qualifying candidates are given Airhostess, Travel and Hospitality Management
12 BCK-38 IAS, IPS Scholarship to scheduled caste students for curriculum related services
13 BCK-39 Hostel for students of technical courses under the Industrial Training Institute and other professions (Waitingman hostel)
14 BCK-40 Gujarat Scheduled Castes Development Corporation, Gandhinagar
15 BCK-41 Gujarat Scheduled Caste Scheduled Caste Development Corporation, Gandhinagar
16 BCK-42 Gujarat Sweeping Worker Development Corporation, Gandhinagar
17 BCK-42 A Share Capital Cleaner Worker Development Corporation
18 BCK-43 Financial aid to small industry entrepreneurs in urban areas
19 BCK-44 Financial aid to Scheduled Caste farmers to purchase farm land