Ch – Branch
All the work pertaining to:
  • Meetings of officers of the Department and the Heads of Departments.
  • Coordination with different officers of the Department in the matters pertaining to Legislative Assembly Questions, Resolutions, Motions, Committees of Assembly.
  • Registration of letters received from Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assembly and the work of coordination amongst officers of the Department in this regard.
  • Coordination with officers for Secretaries’ meetings and meetings of Council of Ministers.
  • References on administration and procedures and Report of Vigilance Commission.
  • All over coordination with branches of the department coordinating in the various subjects and matters of Scheduled Caste Welfare, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes welfare and the Linguistic and Religious Minority Community and Social Defense (except Roster, Planning, Expenditure and Budget).
  • Arrears list of offices of the Heads of Department.
  • Any communication on the subject which is not specifically concerning any particular Branch of the department or is connected with more than one branches of the Department.
  • Nirmal Gujarat project.
  • Smart Goals, Golden Goals.
  • Coordination work under the Right to Information Act.
  • Co-ordination of Government of India references.