Scheme of Family Insurance disable persons (Director, Social Defence)
Insurance disable persons (Director, Social Defence)has been sanctioned vide Social Justice and Empowerment Department Resolution No.APG-102005-N.I.4-CHH-1,dtd.28-03-2007. Consolidation of Group Accidental Insurance Scheme being operated through various Departments has been done vide Finance Department Resolution No. JVY-1004-681(21)-Z, dtd. 25-6.2007. After careful consideration, the State Government has sanctioned the following schemes :-
Name of the Scheme :-
This Scheme will known as Gujarat Social Group (Public) Accidental Insurance Scheme.
Identification Process :-
The identification of each beneficiary has to be done by the implementing Nodal Officers of the respective Departments as per the existing provisions of the Resolution of the present Scheme by various Departments.
Definition of Accident :-
Entitlement of the benefit of this Policy as per the conditions laid down in the policy is on death or becoming of permanently handicapped of the beneficiaries in any way other than suicide or natural death. If dispute is arised regarding payment of insurance assistance to the beneficiary in case of death or becoming permanently handicapped of the beneficiary covered under the policy, then the decision of the Authorised Officer/Committee of the Government would be final and binding.
Benefits entitled due to death or becoming permanently disable.
  • Maximum limit of Insurance amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- compensation is payable under this scheme to the handicapped persons covered under this Policy. The Insurance amount is payable in the below mentioned circumstances by keeping in view the conditions laid down in the General Group Accidental Insurance Policy :-
  • 100% in the case of death due to accident/permanent, complete handicapness,
  • 100% in the case of lose of two eyes, 2 body parts or limbs due to accident,
  • 100% in the case of lose of 1 eye and one body part each due to accident,
  • 50% in the case of lose of one eye or one body part due to accident.
Nominees :
The below mentioned persons, serial number-wise, shall remain as the nominees of the beneficiaries under this Insurance Scheme :-
Data Table the nominees of the beneficiaries under this Insurance Scheme
A. Husband or Wife  in his/her’s non-existence,
B. His/her’s young son/daughter in his/her’s non-existence,
C. His/her parents in his/her’s non-existence,
D. His/her’s grand son/grand Daughter In non-existence of above A,B,C.
E. Sister who is dependent on the Beneficiary and relinquished, Unmarried or widowed sister, Living with the beneficiary.  
F. In the cases other than above, and in disputed cases, nominees declared under the Nominee Act is applicable to the concerned beneficiary.  
In the above cases, if the nominees is a minor then his/her’s natural guardian/legal guardian shall be paid the Insurance amount.
Procedure for submitting the claim :-
  • The following procedure should be followed by the nominee of the beneficiary for the claim arised in this Insurance cover :-
  • In the event of death of the beneficiary, the above mentioned nominee or in the case of permanent handicapness, the beneficiary himself, within 30daysfrom the date of accident, should inform the Nodal Officer/Competent Officer in writing in the form prescribed under this scheme.
  • The below mentioned documents should be attached with the claim application :-
  • Disable Identity Card,
  • F.I.R.
  • Post Mortem Report of the Authorised Doctor,
  • Certificate issued by the Birth/Death Registration Officer.
  • In the cases of permanent disability, Certificate issued by the Civil Surgeon/Authorised Local Doctor of the concerned District.
  • Proof of Age wherever necessary (Certificate of School/College),
  • In extra-ordinary cases, where post mortem report is not possible, Certificate of District Collector.
Responsibility of the Nodal Officer :-
  • To send the prescribed application with necessary proofs duly checked alongwith prescribed certificates to the Insurance company.
Procedure for settling the claim :-
  • In the case of death or permanent disability, within 30 days of receiving the application by the Competent/Nodal Officer, the applications duly checked and with prescribed certificates, should be sent to the Insurance Company for payment.