Kunverbainu Mameru (Assistance to married daughters)
Eligibility Criteria
  • Annual Income Limit for Rural Areas Rs. 1,20,000/-
  • Annual Income Limit for Urban Areas Rs. 1,50,000/-
  • Only one girl of a Family can get this benefit.
Assistance Criteria
  • Financial Assistance of Rs. 10,000/- for Mameru, which is given by cheque, in the name of a girl only.
Financial Provision (Rs. In Lakhs)
Caste Provision for 2018-19 Grant Allotted Expense Incurred
SEBC 1500.00 1790.58 1790.58
EBC 325.00 452.90 452.90
Caste Achievements
S.E.B.C. 17906
EBC 4529