Citizens’ Charter

Principles of Citizens’ Charter :
  • Quick and just redressal of grievances and representations by people.
  • Determination of cadrewise responsibility and broadcasting information amongst people.
  • Assurance of qualitative service.
  • Easy availability of information.
  • Courteous behaviour by the employees-officers
  • Identifying priorities of citizens.
  • Citizen-friendly system for addressing resolution of hardships faced by people.
  • Ensure carefully public-participation.
The State Government has been assigned by the Constitution the responsibility to carry out specific work of welfare of Scheduled Castes in our federal democratic structure which is devoted to directive principles of the Welfare State. As a part of which, the State Government has been, directly or indirectly, carrying out activities for welfare of Scheduled Castes in various fields. Department of Scheduled Caste Welfare is directly involved in functioning for welfare of Scheduled Caste community of the State and with a view to make implementation of schemes for this purpose transparent, public-oriented, simple, efficient, honest and result-oriented, this Citizens Charter is being declared by the Director, Scheduled Caste Welfare Department. This Charter not only make public aware about system of administration but expresses determination of the Department for assertive desire to motivate the administration for welfare of Scheduled Castes and to step up towards this direction, and the same shall remain as moral determination rather than only justifiable.