The R. C. I. Act, 1992
Rehabilitation Council of India
The Rehabilitation Council of India (R.C.I.) has been constituted by virtue of the R. C. I. Act, 1992 legislated by the Central Legislature, which has become operational since July, 1993. The main object of constitution of R.C.I. is to standardize the training courses for Rehabilitation Professionals. It has been assigned with work of registration of professionals so that only registered professionals can serve physically challenged persons.

To empower and make the physically disabled persons capable of living independently in the community to which they belong or in like communities or neighboring communities.

To provide support and competence to the physically disabled persons so as to enable them to cohabitate with their own families.

To expand the base of support of registration organizations so as to provide need-based services to the physically disabled persons during crisis in their families.

To attend to the needs of disabled persons who have no support of family.

To motivate action for care and protection of disabled persons after demise of parents or guardian of the disabled persons.

To device a procedure for appointment of guardians and Trustees in cases where such protection is required for the disabled persons.

Protection of equal opportunities, rights and to provide facilities for complete participation of the disabled persons and to comply with any steps required in this direction to achieve aforesaid goals.