The Prohibition of Child Marriages Act, 2006
The District Social Welfare Officers act as the Child Marriage Prohibition Officers in the State of Gujarat.
  • The Prohibition of Child Marriages Act is in force in Gujarat since 1964.
  • As per provisions of the Prohibition of Child Marriages Act, the marriage of a girl below 18 years of age and a boy below 21 years of age is considered to be a child marriage and is an offence.
Who is liable to be punished with sentence/fine under this Act?
  • Guardian/parents of the girl.
  • Guardian/parents of the boy.
  • The priest performing the marriage ceremony.
  • Mother of girl or boy is considered to be exempted from the punishment; however, is liable to be fined.
  • The abovementioned persons responsible for arranging such marriages can be punished with maximum imprisonment for 3 months and a fine upto Rs.1000/-.
Whom to approach ?
  • The Child Marriage Prohibition Officer-cum-District Social Welfare Officer.
  • Nearest Police Station.
  • Court case can be initiated within one year of such child marriage after carrying out necessary investigation.
  • Procedure is initiated on receipt of written intimation by the Child Marriage Prohibition Officer and Police Officers, within one year of solemnizing such child marriage.
  • The name of applicants in this regard is kept secret
An Advisory Committee of Non-governmental Members has been constituted as per provisions of section 13(4) of the Prohibition of Child Marriages Act, 1929.