Director, Social Defence
The main activities of Social Defence Directorate are for with the welfare and rehabilitation of the weaker sections of the society like orphans, destitutes, children and youths who have turned to criminal activities and the girls who have became prey to the circumstances, physically and mentally disabled children and adults, old aged persons and beggars. The persons who require such help are given shelter in the organization. In which they are provided with free food, clothing, medical treatment, educational, industrial training and rehabilitation services. To fulfill all these objects of the Social Defence Directorate, various social Acts have been enacted and implemented by the State Government.

This put up on Website with a view to avail the benefits of the schemes implemented by the Social Defence Directorate to larger society and legally established voluntary organizations as the effective and accountable administrative action taken of the Government, for following points:-
  • Responsible and friendly co-operation towards people
  • Transparency and Right to Information of the people
  • Improvement of service to people and honesty
  • The main motto is to give preference to the clear rights of citizens, standard of service, and to fix proper time-frame and implementation of the schemes.
About Director, Social Defenceડાઉનલોડ ફાઈલ
Place : Gandhinagar