Implementation of Roster Registers
General Administration Department undertakes work of Policy-making of the State Government in respect of reservations in employment for the Scheduled Caste and Socially and Educationally Backward Classes whereas work of implementation/ monitoring of this policy is being undertaking by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment. As per the decision rendered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in case of Mr. R.K. Sabharwal V/s State of Punjab and others, since Roster system on the basis of vacancy in the Government Service has come into force in place of Vacancy on the basis of Roster, necessary orders have been issued vide Resolutions no.8-3-1999 and 5-9-2000 by the General Administration Department.
  • Percentages of Reservation
    The Rosters points have been fixed in case of State level recruitment as per reservation rates in case of Class-I to Class-4 vacancies at the rate of 7% for Scheduled Caste, 15% for the Scheduled Tribes and 27% for the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes whereas in case of recruitment on promotion basis on the vacancies of Class-I to Class-4 posts, reservation is prescribed at the rate of 7% for Scheduled Caste and 15% for the Scheduled Tribes. In case of recruitment at the District-level for the posts of Class-3 and Class-4, roster points are fixed according to the proportion of population of the respective district.
    A format of Roster Register has been prescribed at Schedule-I to the General Administration Department Resolution No.PVS-1183-825-G-3 dated 22-4-1983, which is as under:-
Backlog reservation vacancies Particulars of posts filled in through permanent/adhoc appointments
Sc. Caste Sc. Tribes S.E.B.C. P.H. Year of recruitment Roster and Sr.No. General/Reserved for SC/ST/SEBC/PH, as per roster applicable Name of person appointed Date of appointment of such person Sc. Caste
Sc. Tribes
Sc. Caste Sc. Tribes S.E.B.C. P.H. Signature of authorised officer Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
In the abovementioned format, names of officer/employees who had been actually serving on respective cadre and thereafter, appointed are to be mentioned as per provisions of Resolution No.PVS-1696-878-G4 dated 8-3-1999 issued by the General Administration Department.  Names of those who were already not in the respective cadres due to promotion, retirement, death, resignation etc. as on 8-3-1999, shall not be reflected in the new Roster Register.  This procedure shall be carried out in order of and beginning from those who first appointed from among those who were serving in respective cadre as on 8-3-1999 and will be followed by all the employees serving in respective cadre as on 8-3-1999 in chronological order of their dates of appointment, against respective Roster Points and specific remarks be made against such employees placed on Roster Points according to the appointment against vacancies of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, S.E.B. Class, General Category.  If there is any excess appointment against respective cadre, same shall be adjusted against future recruitment and no changes shall be made in existing appointments.
  • Maintaining separate Roster Registers:
    Roster Registers shall be crated and maintained separately in respect of cadrewise direct recruitment/promotion. Roster Points should be mentioned strictly limited to the number of vacancies sanctioned. Number of recruitments to be made be calculated in proportionate to the percentage of respective category against vacancies filled in as on date.
  • Maintaining and certifying Roster Registers.
    Roster Registers in respect of various offices of Government and Grant-in-aid institutions, Panchayat Service, State-owned Board/Corporations, Public Undertakings, Constitutional institutions, schools, colleges, universities, Government organizations, Corporation, Municipalities shall be maintained by Appointing Authorities of respective offices and for the purpose of verification of such Roster Registers, same are to be furnished along with Check List and Appendix-3, Summary, Statements A,B and C, as prescribed vide Circular dated 28-11-2005 and the post-based statement as prescribed vide Circular dated 10-6-2002 issued by this Department. On receipt of such statements filled in with full particulars and Roster Registers of the respective offices by this office, same are got verified through the concerned department’s Roster Liaison Officer, same are being certified at the Department level after due verification.
  • Liaison Officers:
    The officers discharging duties of administrative work in the respective department have been appointed as Liaison Officer in respect of matters concerning representation of SC,ST,SEBC and PH candidates serving in all the departments/offices functioning under such Department, with regard to their service and establishment matters. Annual Inspection of Roster Registers is one of the duties of the Liaison Offices.
  • Reservation for Physically Challenged persons:
    Vide General Administration Department Resolution No.CRR-102002-GOI-7-G2 dated 4-5-2002, provisions have been made for reservation of 3% in Class-I to 4 services of the State Government for the Physically Challenged persons. For every 100 posts, the rosters points for such employees are fixed at 34,68,100 wherein such Physically Challenged persons are to be considered in respective categories. As per provisions of section 33 of the Physically Disabled Person (Equal Opportunities, Rights, Protection and Total Participation) Act, 1995, provisions are to be made for 3% reservation for physically challenged persons in Government services. Revised list of category of physically disabled persons for different cadres of State Government service classifying the degree of disability for respective posts, has been published vide Government of India Gazette dated 18-1-2007. This list is available on Government of India website –,
    As per the degree of disability as classified by the Government of India, posts shall be reserved in cadres of State Government services. In case of exemption therefrom, a proposal be moved with justifications thereof, before the expert committee constituted under Chairmanship of the Principal Secretary, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, in the format prescribed vide Circular No.PH-1020043-1-55-Chh-1 dated 29-5-2006. In case of direct recruitments, the candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes those who are appointed after 4-6-1986 and the candidates of S.E.B.C. category those who have been appointed after 20-5-1993 on merits, shall be considered as non-reservation candidates.
  • Deficit/Backlog:
    In case employees/officers in reserved category as per prescribed percentages in respective categories are not available and the vacancies could not be filled in after two attempts in case of direct recruitments and after three attempts in case of appointment by promotion, such vacancies carried forward are considered as Backlog.
    In case of appointments already made, the excess/deficit are calculated on the basis of numbers of posts required to be filled in proportion of percentage of reservation vis-à-vis actually filled in posts. In column no.16 of the prescribed Roster Register, particulars with date are to be mentioned in respect of employee who left the cadre for any reason.
  • Reservation for strength of 2 to 14 nos. of posts
    As per Resolution dated 5-9-2000 issued by the General Administration Department, Roster shall be applicable as per Appendix-4 in case of Direct Recruitment and as per Appendix-6 in case of Promotion in case of direct recruitments in State Service for the strength upto 14 posts. So as to extend benefit of reservation/roster to the candidates, the Roster point upto 15 is to be used and excess/deficit from the same is to be calculated. Reservation for SEBC has been made applicable w.e.f. 1-4-1978 hence the candidates belonging to this category who are appointed prior to 1-4-1978 are to be shown as non-reservation candidates. The employees belonging to SEBC category those who have been included in SEBC list after their date of appointment, shall have to be shown in the Non-reservation category.
    As stated above, the registers are being verified by this office after finding out backlog and excess/deficit after due verification of particulars in the Roster Register and Appendix-2 (Check List), post-based statement as prescribed vide this Department Circular No.PVT-3100-249-R dated 10-6-2002 and the Appendix-3 (Summary), Statement A,B and C as prescribed vide Circular No.PVT/3105/117/R dated 28/11/2005. The registers are being verified at the Department level with remarks to fulfill requirements of deficit/backlog.