Assistance to disable widows for house construction (Director, Social Defence)
Housing Assistance of Rs. 40,000/- for construction of house to disable widows has been sanctioned vide Social Justice and Empowerment Department Resolution No. APG-102007-N.I. 21-CHH-1, dtd. 31-03-2008.
1. Taking into account, the circumstances of the disable widows of the State and with a view to live a respectful life in the Society by the handicapped widows having 40% or more disability in each category, are given the benefit as housing assistance. .

2. The purpose of this Scheme :- To provide pucca housing especially to the disable widows in a time bound and phased manner.

3. Main conditions of the entitlement of this Scheme :-
  • The disable women of eachcatgegory in the age group of 18 to 60 years, having 40% or moredisability, are entitled for the benefit once only under this scheme..
  • Even if the disable widows possess a kacha, mud-house, grass roofed houses which are registered in the books of Gram Panchayat, and are not suitable for living, are entitled for the benefit of this scheme. That means the person who does not possess a house, which is not included in the definition of pucca house made of bricks, stone and cement is entitled for this benefit.
  • The applicant or her late husband must have a plot registered in the records of the Gram Panchayat/Revenue/City Survey or any other competent office and the applicant must be in possession of that plot. To convince the ownership, the receipt of the property tax paid has to be produced.
  • The handicapped widow, who have not registered a plot with the Revenue/City Survey etc., and possesses a plot duly transferred in her name and registered through documents, shall also be entitled for this assistance.
  • The handicapped woman, who possesses open plot as per the stipulated conditions under other schemes for the urban poor in urban areas is also entitled for this assistance.
  • The benefit of this assistance can also be given to the nominee applicant, who holds perceptible possession of the total plot, which is inherited and not registered in Revenue/City Survey records, with the permission of all the nominees for construction of a house on that plot.
  • The place where the applicants want to build a house, should be a resident of that urban/rural area for continuous 5 years.
  • Should not be in receipt of benefit under this scheme or Rural Housing Scheme/Dr. Ambedkar Housing Scheme, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Housing Scheme, Sardar Awas Yojana of any Department or Scheme for housing of any Department of the Government. For this, the applicant should give written undertaking (which will not include cash dolls for natural calamities or assistance for repairs).
  • The handicapped woman should submit the Certificate by a competent Officer showing the date of death of her husband.
  • The certificate issued by the District Civil Surgeon regarding the handicapness and the handicapped Identity Card issued on that basis by the District Social Security Officer shall be valid.
  • The definition of family in this scheme includes the person herself, her children, children of step mother, and parents or mother-in-law, father-in-law who are living with her.

    Basis of Assistance :
  • The housing assistance under this scheme will be of Rs. 47,200/- (Rupees Fortyseven Thousand and two hundread only)..
  • The housing assistance under this scheme would be paid in3 instalments,
  • 25% amount would be paid as 1st instalment of the housing assistance. Payment of the amount of instalment would be made on approval of the application.
  • 50% amount towards 2nd instalment of the housing assistance would be paid on submission of Certificate showing the construction upto terrace level. (This Certificate must be issued by the competent officer mentioned at Sr. No. 7 of the terms and conditions).
  • The 3rd and last instalment of housing assistance would be paid on submission of Certificate showing the completion of construction work.
  • The amount of 3rd instalment would be paid, after completion of construction work, on submission of Certificate by Overseer of Taluka Panchayat, Additional Assistant Engineer - for rural areas and State Government, Municipal Corporation, Dy. Assistant Engineer or the competent officer or his higher officer whom the Government has fixed for this purpose for urban areas.
  • The basis for approval of the applications received in the concerned District is kept in proportion to the availability of grant.
  • Priority would be given to the applicants who live below the poverty line/of weak financial condition

    Time-limit for completion of house :-
  • The completion of houses shall be within 2 years of the approval of the application. The responsibility of recovery of the amount of instalment of housing assistance from the beneficiary, who have not completed the house within the time limit would be of the concerned District Social Security Officer. On special exceptional cases, the power to give reasonable relaxation in time-limit can be given by the District Social Defence Officer after mentioning the proper reasons thereof.

    The implementation and Reporting of the Scheme :-
  • The implementation of this scheme shall be done by the concerned District Social Security Officer. The work of complete examination as to whether the beneficiary is entitled for the benefit as per the stipulated terms and conditions and provisions of the Resolution, would be done by the District Social Defence Officer.
  • The application for housing assistance should be arranged serial number-wise..
  • If the application are of the applicants who live below the poverty line, then the applications should be approved on priority basis as per the BPL Registration number.
  • At the time of implementation of housing assistance on individual basis, the estimate and basis approved for Sardar Patel Housing Scheme should be adopted, if possible. The basis fixed by the Resolutions of the Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department of the government from time to time, be adopted. Eventhough, attention should be paid to the local situation of the plot held by the applicant with a view to accomplish the scheme. Likewise, the Officer should see that reasonable decision is taken on the basis of completion certificate and expenditure made on the house in the cases where the house is constructed as per the approved plan and partial difference in the measurement and size is occurred; so as to avoid unnecessary loss to the beneficiary.
  • As per the revised provision of the Sardar Patel Housing Scheme, the assistance in this scheme can be given to the slanted roofed houses of Mangalore tiles in place of RCC Slab.
  • Director, Social Security Department will take a surprise spot examination of the 5% of the houses constructed under this scheme every year and make arrangements to submit the report of the eligibility of the houses so constructed, to the Government.